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Donna Pomerantz, President
1303 J Street, Suite 400
Sacramento, CA 95814-2900
FAX 916-441-2188
E-Mail: ccotb@ccbnet.org
Webpage: www.ccbnet.org

FOR SCHOOL YEAR 2014 - 2015

For 80 years, the California Council of the Blind has been working to improve the lives of Californians who are blind or visually impaired. With local chapters from San Diego to Chico, San Francisco to Placerville, our members provide a variety of services to help the blind and low vision community. Services include crisis intervention funding, no-interest loans for employment purposes, information and referral services, mentoring and peer support, the production of a quarterly magazine, and advocacy on the local, state and national level on issues of concern to blind and visually impaired individuals, including those of concern to students.

For more than 4 decades, one of our most important services has been the provision of scholarships to legally blind residents of California, even if they are not attending school in the state. The council has assisted persons in an amazing array of fields, from law to physics, photography to web design, psychology to culinary arts. If you are considering applying for a scholarship from the council, you should know that, although we urge you to consider joining our organization of committed Californians with visual impairments, we assist both members and non-members alike. If you would like to learn more about the council, do not hesitate to call us at 800-2216359 or e-mail us at ccotb@ccbnet.org.

In conclusion, we urge you or legally blind friends or family members who are attending, or will be attending, a college, university, or vocational school to apply for a scholarship from the California Council of the Blind.

The California Council of the Blind gives a number of awards to the most deserving blind student applicants who are residents of California and who will enter or continue studies at an accredited college or university in either undergraduate or graduate status. Persons attending vocational schools are also eligible. It is not necessary to be attending a college or university in California. These awards are granted in two parts (1/2 each term) upon receipt of proof of enrollment for each term. Awards will be granted on the basis of academic scholarship and other factors. THIS APPLICATION MUST BE TYPED OR IT WILL BE AUTOMATICALLY REJECTED. Even if you have previously applied, you must submit an entirely new application, including supporting documentation. Every year we deny applications solely because they are incomplete. If an item is not applicable, please provide a brief explanation. Do not fail to include a Doctor's statement or a statement from a qualified professional, such as a Rehabilitation Counselor.

To qualify to receive a scholarship award, you must be a full-time student registered for at least 12 semester/8 quarter units for each term of the entire academic year or 9 semester/6 quarter units each term for graduate students. If you believe that you have extenuating circumstances, such as additional disability or job requirements, that do not enable you to meet this requirement, please provide a complete explanation of your circumstances.

Once an award has been approved, when the student applies for his or her award each term, he or she must submit written proof of their enrollment, signed by the Registrar on school letterhead, including a complete list of the classes and total units to be taken.

When beginning or continuing work on a thesis or dissertation, a letter from the Dean, or Department head stating that the student is working on their thesis or dissertation, must be provided. This must be done at the beginning of each term. No monies will be allocated if proof of enrollment or continuing thesis or dissertation studies are not provided.

You must be a permanent California resident to apply.

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